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Our mission is to promote safety by empowering people to make informed decisions. With that in mind we believe that our responsibility goes beyond providing fast and accurate services. By connecting with the community we have realized that most businesses, especially small businesses, have a misconception on the importance of running background checks and we believe that by educating our community on the impact that such a small affordable step has on the future of their business, we can increase community safety as a whole.

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Employee background screening for is a useful risk management tool that is proven to reduce liability. Screening applicants decreases the risk of choosing an unqualified person. Associating with the wrong person not only causes emotional stress but can significantly hurt business, lead to lawsuits, and destroy reputations. Background checks are the most effective way to predict future behaviors by analyzing past habits. APTOS provides background screening services in Tallahassee and understands the unique needs of small businesses. Getting to know your candidate’s past behaviors will allow you to make an informed decision and avoid future risk. Contact us today to create a custom screening plan for your business. 

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