Background Screening Services

Employee Screening

Employee screening affects retainment rate and quality of hires. APTOS will help you select the correct background checks based on industry, job requirements, and company need. APTOS Screening is a company that thoroughly follows local, state, and federal law.

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Drug Screening

APTOS Screening makes the drug screening process easy and thorough. Once the order is placed in client platform, the applicant receives a link to complete required information and schedule drug test appointment. Sample results are released to client and , if necessary, medical review officer.

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Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Motor Vehicle Reports verify the candidate’s driver license status and uncovers critical issues like suspensions, violations, DUIs, and revocations. MVRs can be added to any package for only $10. Make sure you know who you are trusting behind the wheel of your vehicles.

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Tenant Screening

Background checks and the steps taken to obtain and verify results can be different depending on the background screening company you entrust with screening your applicants. Property owners will have different needs and different reasons why they conduct background checks.

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