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Promoting safety by empowering businesses to make informed decisions.
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Screening Packages

From Our Clients

Very nice team and easy to work with. Would recommend.

As Cia Avatar As Cia
April 18, 2022

The Downtown Looper worked with APTOS Screening for our background check needs and had an AMAZING experience with the Izabel & the team! They were very professional and helped us... read more

Nicole Roberts Avatar Nicole Roberts
April 18, 2022

Professional, quick turn around and good prices! Would use again for background services.

October 18, 2021

Very professional service. Quick turn around that helped us to get a prospective employee on our payroll fast.

Eric Carlson Avatar Eric Carlson
April 18, 2022

What are My Rights During Background Checks? | Consumer Rights

Employers conduct pre-employment background checks to reduce risks associated with hiring new employees. Background checks verify if the information included on an applicant’s resume and job application is truthful, they can also discover any criminal or drug abuse...

What is a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)?

What is a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)? In the simplest of terms, a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) is a report of one’s driving record which is compiled by a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.  An MVR contains moving violations, traffic infractions and...

5 Things You Need to Know About the Drug Screening Process and Advancing Technology 

As an employer, you want to ensure you are hiring the most qualified candidates and maintaining a safe workplace. Pre-Employment Background Screening verifies you know who you are hiring. A crucial part of the pre-employment screening process is drug testing and...

How long does a background check take? 

Waiting for results from a background check can feel stressful; especially if you are not sure what is involved in the process and what may be causing a delay. The length of time an employment background check can take varies as each check can include the...

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system (ATS) is a human resource software application that enables companies to manage applicant information during the hiring process by capturing job applications and resumes,. automating the recruiting process, and managing information of...

Pre-employment Screening: How to Ensure You Hire the Right Candidate

Employees are the lifeblood of any company and could make or break a business. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to find the right candidate for vacant positions in your company.However, doing so is easier said than done, especially when a candidate’s...

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip the Employee Screening Process

While the person you're interviewing might seem friendly and professional, they could be a registered sex offender. That may seem extreme, but it's always the ones you least expect. Many serial killers received praise for their charisma right up...

How does employment verification work?

Do you know who you are hiring? Skipping the employment verification process might seem like a convenient choice in the moment, but it can have serious consequences for you and your business. Unfortunately, many candidates falsify information on their resumes and...

What We Deliver

Easy to Use

We focused on creating an easy, user friendly experience. We automate collecting applicant’s data, authorization, disclosure, and sending reminder alerts. No more paper forms, consents or data entry.

FCRA Compliance

We are FCRA compliant and stay up to date with both Federal and State laws. FCRA law requires employees to follow specific procedures in regards to screening authorization, adverse action and disputes. We assist you every step of the way. 

Live Status Tracking

Our platform provides at-a-glance status tracking and results. Both you and your candidate can track statuses and view results 24 hours a day, on the web, or on a mobile device.

Fast Turnaround Time

Get your background check in an average of 1-5 days, with some services resulting in just a few hours.

Secure Data

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as Name and Date of Birth, SSN, Drivers License, and other private data are securely maintained through the use of individual logins and data encryption.




Orders Completed in 1 day


Orders Completed in 2 days


Orders Completed in 4 days

Feel Confident

Choosing the Best Candidates

Background screening is a useful risk management tool that is proven to reduce your liability regardless of the size of your company. By screening your candidates you avoid the risk of choosing the wrong person. Associating with the wrong person is not only an emotional stress but can put you out of business. Serious misconduct or illegal activities create not only a heavy monetary burden with future lawsuits but also it could destroy your reputation. Background checks are the most effective way to predict future behaviors by analyzing past habits. Getting to know your candidate’s past behaviors will allow you to make an informed decision and avoid future risk. 

How the Background Check Process Works

Introduction Meeting

First we schedule a meeting to understand our potential client’s background screening needs, discuss pricing, invoice method and create a personalized package.

Finalizing Agreement

Once the new client decides to move forward with APTOS Screening’s services, the End-User Agreement is sent to client for review and signature.


Further instructions on APTOS background check process is sent to client via email.

Account Set-up

Once the End-User Agreement is signed by both parties, a client account is created on our platform. New client will have received a few secured emails with instructions on how to complete account setup.

Ready to Screen

After new client account is set up, the client is ready to start screening applicants.

Continuous Support

APTOS maintains an open line of communication with all clients to provide support as needed.

St. Petersburg

Community Outreach and Education

Our mission is to promote safety by empowering people to make informed decisions. With that in mind we believe that our responsibility goes beyond providing fast and accurate services. By connecting with the community we have realized that most businesses, especially small businesses, have a misconception on the importance of running background checks and we believe that by educating our community on the impact that such a small affordable step has on the future of their business, we can increase community safety as a whole.

Promoting Community Safety

Why APTOS Screening?

Our diverse team of experts created a company structure that goes beyond providing accurate, affordable, fast background screenings. We take pride in diligently following federal and state laws and guiding our clients through this bureaucratic process every step of the way. In addition, we understand the importance of educating our community on the risks associated with not running a background check and we focus on breaking the misconception business owners have on this topic. We truly believe in the power of making informed decisions and we focus on all the different ways we can bring our mission into life.

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